I am a social scientist and postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Human Behavior, Ecology and Culture and the BirthRites research group at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

My research investigates long-term social and political processes in human society. I develop theoretical models on demographic transitions to understand the cultural evolution of fertility decline. I also study cooperation in political settings in my doctoral dissertation, particularly the collective action problems in interest group coalitions when the members face common policy opponents. I am also interested in the dynamics of political polarization and electoral competition.

I take advantage of the perspectives from political economy, behavioral economics, and cultural evolution to answer my research questions. The methods include agent-based modeling, game theory, lab experiments, and statistical analysis.

I have a background in political science, economics, and physics and received my Ph.D. in Political Science from Stony Brook University in May 2021.

Feel free to get in touch at yi_ta_lu@eva.mpg.de.